Digital Trap Studio LLC


Digital Trap Studio LLC is an unusual but sustainable business model for today’s urban community youth for Digital Music Production, Digital Video production, artist development, and Web Publishing Company. The company has been founded by CEO Joseph Brannon III as a Maryland registered LLC. The business operates to promote several United State based Artists, musicians and bands threw out the urban communities of America, with the common element of improvisation.

We know it’s difficult for even the most promising bands and artists to grow.

We know it because we work with hundreds of musicians, bands, and artists in the past. We talk to the Bands and artists to solve their logistics challenges. We commission research, promote. And offer training courses. when it comes to Bands and artists, sometimes we have access to resources, experience, and experts for their needs and we succeed together while keeping the urban community’s youth learning staying busy off the streets and out of trouble.

Digital Trap Studio LLC supports cultural and recreational projects. We’re designed to assist in establishing activities and events which because of Bands and artists’ own merit, can eventually grow and succeed without financial assistance. Digital Trap Studio LLC is sharing our expertise and resources to help Bands and artists scale up and thrive.

Lets Force some Dreams to Reality.

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